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I bought the Atik 1HS, the Starlight Xpress Mx716, the modified Vesta, and the Konos second hand.  The rest were new.

In addition to those shown below, I also have an original Quickcam (from which QCUIAG takes its name) and an original Philips Vesta PCVC675K.  Both were bought second hand, the Quickcam at a QCUIAG meeting with the idea that a monochrome camera might be a good idea, and the Vesta, which had never been used, with the idea of modifying it for long exposures.  I have never used either of them.  Shortly thereafter I picked up the modified Vesta shown below, and I now have a much better monochrome camera.  (If you think either is worth having, get in touch.)

This is the Philips ToUcam 740K rehoused in a project box.  This is the camera I have used for the vast majority of the pictures on this site.  Sadly it developed a fault in 2009.
This is the Philips ToUcam 840K rehoused in a project box, cooled and adapted for long exposures.  The 840K is internally the same as the 740K, and is modified as described by Steve Chambers.  I have a complete description of the building of this camera here.
This is the Atik-1HS.  It is a ToUcam modified by substitution of a monochrome CCD chip and modified
for long exposures.  I have done the raw modification on it too, and it is working very well, but has now been superseded by the DMK.
This is the rear view of the Atik 16ic colour camera.
This is the Starlight Xpress MX716.  It is a monochrome camera.
This is the Trust Megapixel Webcam.  It is a CMOS camera with a resolution of 1280×1024 pixels.
This is the DMK 21AF04.  It is a monochrome camera capable of delivering 60 fps at full resolution 640×480 pixels without compression.
On 11th January 2011 I received a DFK 21AF04 which looks exactly like the DMK but it has a colour CCD.  I expect this to replace my ageing ToUcam 840K which in turn replaced my 740K which developed faults.
My miscellaneous collection of lenses.  A and B are SLR camera lenses, C is an SLR tele-adaptor lens, D is the eyepiece lens I use with my Olympus digital camera, and E is the adaptor ring which connects it to the camera.
My filter wheel from Astro Engineering (modified).
This is rather special.  It is a modified Vesta webcam made by Jan Timmermans and Peter Katreniak.  Peter is the author of K3CCDTools and Jan is well known to all on QCUIAG.  (The nasty little bracket is my addition!)
This is the Konos DCT130.  It represents a cautionary tale....
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