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Apollo 16 was the penultimate manned landing on the Moon.  The lunar module landed at 02:23:35 UT on 21st April 1972 in the Descartes Highlands, at lunar coordinates 8.97°S 15.50°E.
This was the second of the "J" series of landings characterised by greater payloads and including the lunar roving vehicle.  This vehicle enabled the astronauts to cover 27 Km and visit a number of diverse sites in this highland region of the Moon.  They stayed on the surface for 71 hours of which 20 hours and 14 minutes were spent outside the LEM deploying scientific experiments and collecting samples.  A total of 94.7 Kg of rocks were brought back to Earth for study.
Date & Time: 041004 2322 UT (Lunar day 20.9)
Telescope: LX200 with X2 teleadaptor lens.
In addition to being on a smaller scale than the one above, this image was taken with the light coming from the opposite direction, and shows both the Apollo 16 and the Apollo 11 landing sites.   These two landings were only about 380 Km apart but were in very different regions;  Apollo 11 out on the featureless plain of the Mare Tranquillitatis and Apollo 16 in the rugged highlands.
The scale markers are approximately 100 Km north and west.
Date & Time: 050215 1950 UT (Lunar day 7.3)
Telescope: LX200 at prime focus.

Full details of the mission can be found at the web site of the Lunar and Planetary Institute

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