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This is a rugged area of the southern uplands some 180 Km south of the landing site of Apollo 16.  Sacrobosco is the largest and one of the oldest craters in the picture.  It is 100 km in diameter and between 4,000 and 4,500 million years old.  It is overlayed by several newer craters and debris ejected from elsewhere.  Azophi and Abenezra are rather more-recent craters, only about 3,800 million years old.  They are 50 and 43 Km in diameter, respectively, and about the same depth at 3,700 metres.  Azophi is somewhat hexagonal in shape and has a central mountain.  Geber is a nice isolated crater, also 3,900 million years old, 45 Km in diameter and 3500 metres deep.  It has a nice flat floor but no central mountain, like many of the craters in this area.
The picture was taken with a ToUcam attached to my LX200 on 19th December 2004 at 17:40 UT, when the Moon was 8.4 days old.
Date and Time 19th December 2004 17:40 UT
Camera ToUcam 740K
Telescope LX200 at prime focus
Capture K3CCDTools. High gamma, 1/250", 0% gain, 499 frames
Processing Registax. 100 frames stacked. Wavelet 1-3 = 10, histogram 0-200, gamma 1.2, contrast 80
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