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In this picture of the Apennine Mountains, Bradley Rille is clearly visible.  Authorities differ markedly on the length of this rille.  The Virtual Moon Atlas (VMA) gives it as 134 Km but I have seen 240 Km or even 311 Km.  I suppose it depends where you think it starts and finishes.   I used the distance facility in the VMA to make my own estimate and get a figure of 155 Km.
The picture was taken with a ToUcam attached to my LX200 with a X2 adaptor lens on 6th September 2004 when the Moon was 21.8 days old.
To see a mosaic of this picture and one showing the area to the north, including the whole of Hadley Rille click here.
Date and Time 6th September 2004 04:25 UT
Camera ToUcam 740K
Telescope LX200 with X2 lens
Capture K3CCDTools. High gamma, 1/50", 23% gain, 301 frames
Processing Registax. 197 frames stacked. Wavelet 1,2 = 10
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