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This is the southern end of the Mare Humorum, and just south of this picture.  Doppelmayer is the largely-flooded crater on the southern shores of Mare Humorum.  It is around 3,900 million years old.  It must have formed after the creation of the Humorum basin but before its final flooding.
The scale markers are approximately 100 Km north and east.
The picture was taken in green light with a DMK camera attached to my LX200 on 27th March 2010 at 23:35 UT when the Moon was 12.3 days old.
Lunar Phase 28.9°
Colongitude 61.2°
Date and Time 27th March 2010 23:35 UT
Camera DMK 21AF04
Telescope LX200 at prime focus (FL 2500 mm) with Astronomik OIII filter
Capture ICcapture. 1/91", 4999 frames
Processing Registax. 6 alignment points, 497 frames stacked. Wavelets 1-2 = 10, gamma 1.1
    Focus Magic 3, 100
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