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This picture was taken about two days after full Moon, so the right-hand edge of this picture is the termintor not the limb.  The area is in the north-east and just north of the Mare Crisium.  The large crater is Messala, 128 Km in diameter, ancient (~4,000 million years) and shallow.  Nearby Geminus, on the other hand, is more recent (~2,000 million years or so) and is 88 Km in diameter and 5,400 metres deep.  Bernoulli is older at 3,500 million years, 49 Km in diameter and 4000 metres deep.
The scale markers are approximately 100 Km north and west and apply around Geminus.
The picture was taken with a ToUcam attached to my LX200 on 17th November 2005 at 20:45 UT, when the Moon was 16.6 days old.

Date and Time 17th November 2005 20:45 UT
Camera ToUcam 740K
Telescope LX200 at prime focus with IR-pass filter
Capture K3CCDTools. Low gamma, 1/33", 12% gain, 601 frames
Processing Registax. 142 frames stacked. Wavelets 1-2 = 10, gamma 1.2
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