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This area is to the east of Clavius in the rugged southern hemisphere.  Jacobi, in the centre of the image, is a battered formation, 70 Km in diameter, with fairly high and steep walls.  The floor is smooth but supports a string of small craters across it.  It is very old at more than 4,000 million years.
I found it quite difficult to identify all the craters in this picture. I hope I have them right but, if not, my address is on my front page so please tell me about it.
The picture was taken with a ToUcam attached to my ETX125 with a X2 lens attached on 4th September 2004, when the Moon was 19.9 days old.
Date and Time 4th September 2004 04:34 UT
Camera ToUcam 740K
Telescope ETX125 with X2 lens
Capture K3CCDTools. High gamma, 1/50", 20% gain, 312 frames
Processing Registax. 114 frames stacked. Wavelet 1,2 = 10
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