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This image, a mosaic of four separate images, of the north, polar area was taken under almost ideal conditions.  The libration in latitude was 5° 48' which is only about a degree less than the maximum it can be, and the solar inclination was 1.5° which is as large as it can ever be.  This means that the edge of the visible disk beyond the north pole is the terminator not the limb, so that a greater libration would not have shown any more beyond the pole, but it was enough just to catch the far side of crater Hermite, which is centred at longitude 87.3° west and latitude 86.4° north, and all of Nansen at Longitude 95.3° east and latitude 81.3° north.  The north pole itself lies in a very rugged area just north of the rim of Peary.

Scale markers are rather pointless in a picture of this area.   Both the direction of north and the scale change considerably with position.  As a guide, some of the more-prominent craters have the following diameters:  Anaxogorus 53 Km, Philolaus 73 Km, Carpenter 70 Km, Byrd 97 Km, Peary 77 Km, Nansen 122 Km.

The picture was taken with a DMK 21AF04 attached to my LX200 on 27th March 2010 at about 23:13 UT, when the Moon was 12.3 days old, and the colongitude was 61.2°.

Further pictures of this area can be found here.

I have shrunk the picture by 50% to get it all on the page, but this makes the labels rather difficult to read.  Click on the picture to see the full-sized image.

Date and Time 27th March 2010 23:10 to 23:16 UT
Camera DMK 21AF04
Telescope LX200 at prime focus with Astronomik OIII filter (500 nm)
Capture ICcapture. Low gamma, 1/120" 60 fps, gain 856, ~3000 frames
Processing Registax. Multi-point alignment. Wavelet 1-2 = 10, gamma 0.8
Mosaic assembled in iMerge.
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