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Large-scale images of the terminator at about this phase can be found here

The Moon at 12.5 days Lunar Phase: 27.9°
Colongitude: 56.5°
Date and Time: 7th October 2003 20:54 UT
Camera: ToUcam 740K
Telescope: 270 mm SLR lens with IR-block filter
Capture: K3CCDTools. High gamma, 1/500", 0% gain
Processing: Registax. 303 frames, Wavelet 1 = 5, Gamma 0.8

The Moon at 12.9 days This picture of the Moon at Day 12.9 was taken almost exactly 2 years after the picture above.  It was, however, taken in infra-red light.  Some care has to be exercised in interpreting any differences because the processing had to be rather different.  The intra-red image has lower contrast than the visible image, and the gamma on the camera had to be set low in order to bring out any contrast at all.  The wavelet processing is slightly more aggressive and some histogram stretching has been necessary.  This picture was taken through high cloud, too, which didn't help.
The Moon appears larger in this picture than in the one above because it was closer at 366,000 Km compared to 393,000 Km in the picture above.

Lunar Phase: 22.2°
Colongitude: 65.1°
Date and Time: 15th October 2005 20:17 UT
Camera: ToUcam 740K
Telescope: 270 mm SLR lens with IR-pass filter
Capture: K3CCDTools. Low gamma, 1/33", 18% gain
Processing: Registax. 220 frames, Wavelets 1 = 10,
2 = 5, Histogram 7-170

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