Ospreys Page 1

There were two osprey nests fairly close to our base.  We had seen the first one in August the previous year, but it seemed that the adults had left and the chicks were waiting patiently to be fed and hadn't yet realised that wasn't going to happen.  So this year we hoped that they might be feeding their young, but mid July turned out to be too early and the female was still incubating her eggs, and the male was simply hanging around, presumably going off to hunt from time to time to feed both himself and his mate.

On this page I have pictures taken of the first nest.  Pictures of the second are on Page 2.

Nest 1:
The nest is quite a way away, so these pictures were taken with my most powerful lens and cropped to fit on this page.



From time to time, however, the female seems to need to stretch her wings and flies around for a bit, or lands on a nearby perch before returning to the nest.







The male looked quite disinterested.

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