White-tailed Eagle (Sea Eagle)

My bird book, published in 1969 describes the Sea eagle as "Rare winter visitor from Scandinavia or Iceland, mainly to the south and east coasts;  formally bread in Britain".  How things have changed in 42 years!  Following a reintroduction programme, there are currently 42 breeding pairs, mainly in the western isles of Scotland.

My first reasonable picture was of this poor thing.  He was sitting quietly on the ground minding his own business when gulls took to molesting him.  You can see his yellow wing-tag;  all white-tailed eagles are tagged so that they can be recognised and studied.


However, on the way back on the boat from Lunga, an eagle took off from an island dead ahead and we got superb views as it flew almost over us.  I captured 19 pictures, all of which are shown below.  Or you can see them as a slide show by clicking here.