The Treshnish Isles

The Treshnish Isles are an archipelago off the west coast of Mull.  All are uninhabited and so are a haven for sea creatures and nesting sites for sea birds.  We landed on the largest of them, Lunga, to see the Puffins and this page includes pictures of Lunga and various other seascapes taken on our way to and from Lunga.

This is the boat from which we landed on Lunga.  The floating jetty was pushed against the rocky beach (see below) and we clambered from one to the other to the shore.
This is the beach on which we landed.  After scrambling across the boulders, we climbed up the path you can see in the centre of the picture and to the right at the top where the puffins were nesting.
And now a panoramic view taken from the top of the cliffs looking towards the north.  The island is called Sgeir a Chaisteil.  As you can tell, the picture is a mosaic of seven separate pictures and I've had to shrink it to fit the screen.  If you would like to see the full-sized pictures, click on the picture.  (Without a tripod, it is difficult to get the pictures lining up perfectly, but this is quite good for a hand-held effort.)
These I believe to be Cormorants.  I found them on Lunga.
And even rabbits have reached Lunga.
And now a random collection of islands and cliffs.
This is called The Keyhole.
See the Cormorants?
Now?  And there are a couple of gulls up there too.